Registered office

The company was originally located at a leased property which only met the needs of an office that exclusively carried on commission agency projects. Later on, as our range expanded, the company grew and also started distributing products from leased warehouse facilities.

In August 1995, our company relocated to privately-owned facilities in the city of Ioannina, which comprised 80 m2 offices, a 300 m2 warehouse, and a cold room.

However, rapid developments in trade and increasing competition require ongoing investments. Therefore, in January 2000, having significantly invested in its progress and constant growth, the company again relocated to privately-owned facilities in the Industrial Area of Ioannina.

The new facilities, located on a 7,000m2 plot, comprise 900 m2 of dry cargo warehouse areas, 110 m2 of air conditioned areas, two 140 m3 cold rooms, and a 230m3 deep freezer room. The same areas accommodate the warehouse offices (60 m2). The central offices of our company are located on the first floor (200 m2), including management and IT.