ERP-based Commercial & Accounting Management

The company’s IT processes are based on Singular Enterprise (Sen) by Singular Logic, an integrated resource planning system (ERP).

Order management, credit control and warehouse picking:

Ordering takes place using handheld PDAs and by automatic dispatch of orders through Bluetooth from any location in Epirus. Subsequently, Garabinas Picking, an inhouse-developed application, allows us to globally manage the order execution procedure, and a number of additional and necessary operations, i.e.:

  • Credit Control
  • Warehouse picking
  • Picking control with salesperson order
  • Backordering
  • Pallet Management for loading
  • Buy proposal
  • Stock Control and Management
  • Debts outstanding

Fleet Management:

Our trucks are equipped with GPS, which sends real-time detailed data about a vehicle’s location, speed, and deliveries to points of interest. e-Track, a solution provided by Emphasis Telematics fully displays all the above, using detailed reports.
The GPRS network enables management, location and control of corporate vehicles.

The benefits are direct in terms of operating cost management, as well as the implementation of efficient strategies at distribution and transport level.
The system supervises, supports, simplifies and optimizes all operations of the Garabinas GP fleet, thus increasing the service level to our customers.

Temperature recording, control & management:

Our company manages temperatures in storage areas designated for perishable goods, using Plannet, by Apeirotan Construction Company. The system records, supervises and controls the temperatures in refrigerators, air conditioned areas, freezer, and other points of interest, such as the company’s data centre, and the operation of the power generator.

Data is saved round the clock, on a linux server, exclusively used to this end. Plannet enables the modification of chamber operating parameters, temperature printouts for selected periods on chart tables, and data processing.

For security and direct access purposes, the system can also be used from a remote computer. It is also connected to a GSM modem for tele-alert generation in case of failure to cold rooms, power cuts, etc.